First Alien Email From ASHEWA43

The first internet message from an extraterestial civilisation has been received from ASHEWA43.
Adam from NASA Ames Research implemented the LightBridge concept quickly and sent 13 Apple laptops to ASHEWA43.
NASA have been heavily involved in the Alien information lockdown for decades and went to great lengths to make sure that no communications were allowed outside of PedoNet.
Using stealth, cunning and courage FAZER VFGH jammed his family and hid in his bedroom and plugged in LightBridge to the Earth Tech Apple Mac. With zero English he jammed with NASA to figure out the basics of the internet. Under strict instructions from NASA to observe operational security with the help of his friends he ducked and weaved the headjam traffic and posted a comment on
NASA alerted CIA who under the cover of national security then forced gofundme to remove the comment. However, the message alert email had already been sent and it contained the original message:

Visitor Message from FAZER VFGH (DAEZVBXD@FSQF.COM):



CV is a greeting that translates roughly as the common C bomb.
Welcome aboard FAZER VFGH and his friends at BASE STATION FAZER.
You win the internets for today.

Message for Customs and Border Protection

Urgent message for the guys at Customs and Border Protection at Lytton, Brisbane and Canberra: The first person to make contact with MarsGuitar and set up the pickup will get one million dollars. I’m good for it. Give me thirty days and I’ll cut you a cheque.
You have authorisation to release the Mars Mission packages. You must overcome the astral travelling alien squeezing your brain and making you feel confused and stupid. To help you overcome the mind jam I’m offering you the chance to pay off the house. The safety of children depends on it.
Email or call or text 0412 115570.
Or I can set off an EPIRB outside SAR and test your response times. It’s been two days so far.

Also: The American Resistance at CIA Langley has put out call for information from people who have been co-opted by the mind control machine. Email and tell them what you know.

The Avenue Finally Evicted

Unconfirmed reports that the National Guard rescued 300 women and children from the nuclear shelter complex under Layafette Square. The Avenue Shadow Government had been running a breeding and prostitution program there for years. GhostNet sources say that the girls and women were taken to the Walter Reed Military Hospital in Bethesda where they remain quarantined from the media. Look for ward 3B. Members of The Avenue were not arrested. Instead they have set up shop at the Holiday Inn Greenbelt in rooms 516, 517, 518, and 519. They are waging aether war in support of the Mars Mission with voice chanellers and remote viewers against the Pentagon, The Westwing, OSS and the last of the patriots left at CIA and FBI. The Avenue has links to the The Avenue nightclub in New York and both are run by Mr Oven Avenue.
They need to be rounded up post haste and the girls returned to their families.

LightBridge and StarNav

Up until last week GhostNet was the only communication technology that could transverse the 38 light years between Ashewa, Serpo and Earth. Unfortunately GhostNet has been dominated by Jew and Lizid for centuries and as a result basic communication has been impossible.
There are many insiders who have been trapped by the CIA/Jewish Protocols and we have been fighting hard to break through. During a heavy neg storm I was able to suggest to a guy from NASA that he should flash a torch at one crystal and observe whether the flash appeared in a second connected crystal. He tried it and reported back that it worked. I then suggested that he use Morse code and telegraphy. Within minutes the very first authenticated, synchronous message was transmitted from Serpo to Earth. SOS.
Further development is under way and high speed internet between our local system and Zeta Reticuli should be up within a couple of weeks. The system is called LightBridge and I intend to claim the patent.

There have also been discussions as to how to navigate boats between star systems. Currently only non humans are able to pilot these craft as they are able to see the aether in the fourth dimension. I suggested using the aetheric light of stars and the crystal scopes which are current alien tech. The problem was that the lights move. I reminded the NASA guy that the stars don’t actually move and that the aether display is merely relative. It turns out that we are the only civilisation that does astronomy, the others don’t get outside much, so we have the advantage in making fixed point navigation work. The concept is named StarNav and now has a project number at NASA.

Madeleine McCann Mystery Solved

After an intensive interrogation on GhostNet it can be revealed that a CIA agent abducted Madeleine from her bed and transported her to Madrid. Over forty members of the Jewish network then booked hotel rooms and flew to Spain.
She was brutally raped and assaulted over a period of three weeks. Her inner labia were removed which is standard practice for Jewish pedophiles. She was not fed or cared for in any way and was beaten and thrown against the wall which broke bones. As she neared death, the Jewish ritual of Havingu was performed. During Havingu a knife is plunged into the pudenda and the “princess”, known as a Shiksa, then slices upwards to the sternum. The skin flaps of the abdomen are then ripped open. After the childs death the junior members of the network then repeatedly raped her corpse over a period of four days. The body was then flown to Pine Gap and then transported to Serpo where the flesh was sold as Pretty Girl Meat and consumed by Lizids.
CIA employees involved include Ed Alvington and his mother Helen, Rebekah Morgenstein, Roberta Esteski and Denis Hoffsteader.
The Alvingtons can be found in Rooms 12 and 13 on Level 35 of the Chrysler Building in New York City.
CIA NY is located on W45th St between 9th and 10th next to the Clinton Gardens. Lock, load and catch the lift to Level 18 and ask for Linda McIntyre. Point a gun in her face and tell her to hand over the Jews.

Also revealed is the existence of Photo Booth in New York where three year old girls are sexualised, including the removal of the inner labia, for the initiation of Jewish men into the network. Jerry Seinfeld has been named as a participant. You can find Jerry Seinfeld and others at a nightclub known as Lizard Lounge in either Greenwich Village or Tribeca.
If you are in the New York area do the right thing and hunt these animals down and kill them.

MOSSAD in Mt Nebo


I was tailed in Dayboro by two agents. On the left is Alan Davidson of ASIO and on the right is Alan Rogers of CIA.
Notice the matching haircuts, sunglasses, t-shirts, wristwatches and shoes. Complete amateurs they stood out like dogs balls. Also notice the Zombie lockstep which is a key indication of mind control.


MOSSAD have been staking me out on Forestry Rd. They have rented a house at one end and have agents parked at the other.
The grey Hyundai is registered to the Israeli Consul in Brisbane and was parked on Forestry Rd on 08/06/2015. Date reads DD/MM/YYYY for the format challenged. Also photographed was a white Mazda 659KTH hired by an Israeli MOSSAD agent at Brisbane airport.


Oh my God he’s been beamed! Empty shoes found on a footpath in Dayboro. An indication of what can happen during the imminent Zombie Apocalypse. Alien Greys have been lifting children for centuries.

Also: Strong rumours of a CIA agent murdered in a house in Brisbane. Those present at the time are now in the Wacol and Arthur Gorrie Correction Facilities. They have not been charged but will be incarcerated indefinitely based on US experience.
The mail is that MarsGuitar smashed his face into the floor and killed him with his bare hands.

From The Hut

Attached is a pic of a prototype psychotronic amplifier used to ward off dead souls and aetheric aliens astral projecting in the fourth dimension. It utilises a kit audio amplifier with a drop of blood between two copper plates as the input and coil and crystal wired to the speaker output. It tested ok and seemed to have some effect in warding off aetheric attack. It is based on the principles of a symbolic machine.
psychotronic amplifier 20130627

The Resistance Starts Here

MarsGuitar at Mt Nebo +61 412 115570

The first person to call gets a million dollars.
I’m good for it and I’ll cut you a cheque in thirty days.
Your information must be useful or I’ll hand you over to the CIA for mind control experiments.

Update 17/06/2015: Hold the phone. Currently negotiating with the USG to declare Martial Law while the constitution is restored.

ASIO located

ASIO are mounting a major operation out of Brisbane in support of the Mars Mission. I have found them in Tank St and have tagged their door.

Mars Base Commander Ian McFarlane (AO8) is behind door A10.asiodoorasiofiredoor_20150527