7th Brigade Can Get Fucked

It was a massive effort to get the right message at the right time inside the office at Gallipoli Barracks.
I had been involved in a couple of car chases, one of them high speed and I knew for sure that my sons were in danger. That was the 9th of July and I have been alone, isolated and vulnerable ever since. My sons were abducted that day and transported to DARPA in LA where they were subjected to experimentation and murdered by autopsy piece by piece, limb by limb and kept alive for three days. The extraordinary rendition papers were signed by Tony Abbott and Peter Cosgrove on the orders of Mars Mission leader Julia Gillard.
Instead of protecting my family, Queensland Police assisted ASIO,SIS,MOSSAD and CIA in the abduction.
And instead of protecting me and my family, and the residents of Mt Nebo and winning the war, 7th Brigade chose to protect Mars Mission insiders the Kelly family. A four man security detail has been on watch 24/7 since the 9th while I continue to be set up for assassination. It won’t be pretty. These cunts are insane and brutal and the Australians know it.
It was Gillard who signed my death warrant in 2013, a “takedown notice” subsequently sighted by both Abbott and Cosgrove.
Get fucked Australia.
I hope you enjoy what the Jew and the Americans have in store for you.

GhostNet Audio

As an experiment I have set up an audio streaming service so hopefully remote stations can get verification of the signal and negate the liars.
Here’s the link: GhostNet Audio
There’s lot’s of garbage from idiotic CIA protocols and occasional dead air but with a few internet listeners they are slowly learn to behave. I hope they grow up while there’s still time.

I’ll update my Facebook page to let you know when CIA GhostNet is live.
CIA/NSA have been altering Facebook so if you can’t see the message you know who to kill.

BroadWave Streaming Audio Server
by NCH Software.

Where are my sons?

Jackson Gray. Oliver Gray. Jethro Gray. Not seen since the 9th of July.
Mars Mission insiders are evil, sick and twisted but Queensland Police are directly responsible. They ignored the evidence. They ignored the threat. The commissioner is corrupt. The links to ASIO run deep. They have CIA channelers working on the 3rd floor of Roma St HQ at the Makerston St window. They delivered my sons to MOSSAD.
And now my sons are dead.
I will kill you all.

Virginia State Police also deserve special mention and the story of Caitlin Delaney needs to be told. Caitlin was abducted by the CIA from Wisconsin when she was eight and was having regular sex with paying clients at 8063 Winstead Manor Lane. I first talked to her on GhostNet when she was twelve and we both tried to organise a rescue. Five attempts were made. Child Protective Services. Metro DC. She lit a fire in the kitchen and the fire brigade were called. Queensland Police were told and did nothing. When VSP sent Sgt Brooks he ended up having sex with her and then he left her there. She was moved to the bunker under Layafette Square and continued to service Washington insiders. I’ve heard terrible stories of how she was tortured and mutilated by sickos with .gov email addresses. She is now dead.
Caitlin was the first to work out the significance of the colour purple and how the CIA and DARPA were ghosting in astral projections through bodily orifices. She had been exposed to too many pairs of official Mars Mission underpants. She developed the orgone purple patch and got the info through to me and the resistance and she has paid with her life.
If any of us survive this extinction level event it will be because of Caitlin Delaney and the Purple Patch.

Texas Insiders

It has been an absolute imperative of the CIA/MOSSAD taptarget program that there can be no public acknowledgement of MarsGuitar.
They couldn’t hold the line.
Mars Mission insider Alan McCartney has responded to a comment on facebook and called me Ben.
Check his page and see if you can spot a family resemblance to other well known Texan Conservatives.
Link here: https://www.facebook.com/Netanyahu

MarsGuitar is Shortwave Listening

NEBOSTATION has a shortwave receiver and is standing by on 21745Khz.
I have a 14dbi yagi pointed east and a lead line hanging out the window.
I appreciate the blips and the sched. I’m still optimistic that someone will break Mars Mission/Israeli opsec and actually say something. Hopefully not run. I’ll leave it running while I sleep so if you need to wake me up then shout.
I still have internet and electricity and cell signal.
A phone call or a blank text on a white background would be nice.
However, a division of Marines storming Red Beach would be more useful.

Info War

CIA, NSA, DHS and MOSSAD actively intercepting and manipulating email, telephone, cell, chat and SMS. Expect radical disinformation and impersonation. Evidence abounds. So far NEBOSTATION and nebostation.com are holding. If in doubt about the word of Benjamin Gray/MarsGuitar or the situation vis a vis Mars Mission and Ashewa, check here at http://nebostation.com
Twitter, Facebook and Apple are completely owned. Google and Microsoft are compromised. Triple post in quick succession to beat the block.

Mars Mission Connect The Dots

Do the plates HC176 on a white BMW registered in Queensland link to Mars Mission?
Does the address GPO BOX 140 Brisbane QLD AUS 4001 ring a bell?
Was a grey Hyundai 762TWB seen at Gallipoli Barracks on the 9th of July? And who bounced the orgone shields at the gate?
Who hired 659KTH and who registered 121VSP?
Are the Mars Mission contracts real and who signed? Do they really specify thirty human children per day?


FIVE ITEMS: Did the USA provide logistic support to deploy 90000 Israelis into Australia? Did the USN sink the Australian fleet? Were ADF personnel massacred in Nth Queensland? Did the Navy kidnap an Australian from Wacol prison and shoot her mother? Were citizens massacred in Samford and Mt Nebo and what is the status of 7Brigade? Item Six: Have Chinese and British forces landed at Maroochydore and Holsworthy and what is their status?

Follow the thread here: http://navylive.dodlive.mil/2015/07/06/6-things-you-might-not-know-about-talisman-sabre/
I expect a discussion.

ZA is on. Mangia happened today.

The Zombie Apocalypse is on. Astral projecting aliens and ghosts are using Sony 4D Mindwave and Akuel Lightwave to “ghost in” through your anus and mind control you. Place a patch of purple over your anus and tuck it in tight. Charge a salt packet with an LED and discharge negs when you wipe. Place a patch of purple over your crown. Get rid of your blue clothes and dye everything purple.